How many floors/levels are included in your price?

We include up to two storeys/floors/levels of the same building in our floor plans and we find that this accommodates 90% of our customers requirements


How quickly can we deliver a floor plan?

We aim to deliver all projects within 24 hours of your sketch arriving. If we think it will take longer, we'll let you know immediately


How do I place an order?

Simply click on the "Buy" page of the website, select your desire floor plan style and choose the floor area, click buy, attach your sketch using our transfer page, add any notes to the instructions on the transfer page and we'll deliver your project., normally within 24 hours.


Do you charge more for large properties?

Our prices are clearly shown on the "Buy" page for homes up to 500m2,  ask us for a quote for larger homes


Do you charge GST?

Our prices include a GST of 10% in Australia and are billed in A$ as we are based in Australia.


How do I choose my background color for the color plans

Simply add it to the instructions when you upload your plan.


How do I provide my logo and other information for the template plans

Simply add them to the items you upload when you upload your plan. We prefer logo's in .jpeg or .png file types. You can let us know whether you want square meters or square feet when advising the floor area.


How do I draw a floor plan?

See our video below






0416 264 800 (Australia)

+61 416 264 800 (International)